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Call us today (03) 9108 5382

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Welcome to Redcentre Caravans

Welcome to Red Centre Caravans, we thought we would share our journey so far with you and give you an understanding of who we are and where we have come from in this industry. Dean Goudie, the owner of Red Centre Caravans began in the caravan industry at the age of 15 when he left school and took up an apprenticeship at the local panel beating business in his home town of Rutherglen. Situated in a rural area, they worked on everything from cars, caravans, trucks, boats, you name it. Dean completed his apprenticeship and was awarded apprentice of the year twice during that time. At the age of 21, Dean started his own repair business in Yarrawonga and as the demand for repairing cars and caravans quickly grew Dean had to make a decision of which one he wanted to pursue, so he followed his passion and sold the automotive side of his business and continued with the caravan repairs. Over the journey, Dean has made a lot of good friends through the industry and the final step was to build his own brand of caravans the way he wanted with the inclusions he wanted and that was where Red Centre Caravans was born.

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